Hair stuff!

By Iainsallis - Posted on 31 January 2011

This is my first ever blog and I don’t know how long I should blog for so...anyway...welcome to my thoughts on all matters on hair and hair ‘stuff’. This website has been designed with the sole purpose of getting the right amount of information to you regarding hair loss and scalp problems, and I say the ‘right amount’ for a very good reason!
Unfortunately if your reading this, it is very likely you have some sort of hair loss problem and the internet is awash with ‘advice’ for such problems, which is why there is enough information here for you to realise if you have/have not got a problem (but not in a ultra-science baffling way..I hope!)
But there are no scare tactics to ‘scare you into buying the miracle cure at the bottom of the page’
As you may have noticed I have no products to sell...and for a very good reason...many ‘off the shelf products don’t work!

So here are my top tips for safe surfing for hair loss advice

• Find somewhere qualified, go to the links page and look at for a list of qualified Trichologists.

• Avoid anywhere which promotes a ‘free consultation’...nothing in life is free; these folks are salesmen and probably not qualified to ‘consult’ in the first place.

• Don’t buy a hair loss product just because it says it works...just think about it; many types of hair loss problems are caused by underlying disorders, deficiencies or even certain medications...will the shampoo/product/pill which your about to spend a lot of money on correct your undiagnosed disorder which is causing the problem?...probably it will not do anything to help your hair because it will not have an effect on the problem causing the hair loss!

• Usually a proper diagnosis is required before you know how to treat a problem...very few places can do that over the internet (with the aid of a tick-box form).

• Lasers are an ‘unproven’ technology, even with all the spectacular claims they have to back it up...the jury is very much out on this type of ‘clinic’ (...and obviously a laser cannot rectify any underlying conditions which may be interfering with your hair)

I hope those bits of info help? You can always email me your questions if you cannot find the information you are looking for.

Thanks for reading!